Check in with the club staff when you enter the club.

The pool staff is not a child watching service. Children under twelve years old are not permitted on MSC premises unless accompanied and supervised by a responsible person at least fourteen years of age, except during period of staff supervised activity.

Children must satisfy a deep water test before using the slide, swimming or diving in the deep end of the pool. Parents are asked to check with the pool manger ahead of time.

Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. The next person must be on the step or ground waiting his turn. The next person must wait until the person has swum to the ladder before going off the diving board. No one is allowed to enter the deep end between the ladders and diving board without lifeguard permission.

Yes, there is an “adult lane” that children cannot enter without lifeguard permission.

Use of tubes, floats, balls, and other items are allowed at the discretion of the pool manager or life guard on duty.

For any party occurring during regular hours of operation consisting of 8 or more people utilizing the club grounds and property, the swimming club staff must be notified a minimum of 4 days prior to the scheduled date. Notification will include the date, scheduled time and the number of expected guests including the member’s family.  Parties will be reserved on a first come basis. The club management and staff have the right to refuse to permit parties, if another party has been reserved or adequate notice has not been given.  A complete list of the names of all invited guests and members must be given to the front desk staff a minimum of 30 minutes PRIOR to the scheduled starting time of the party. The guests’ names will be checked off the list by the gate staff as the guests enter the grounds.  Any additional guests’ names will be added to the list as they enter the grounds. Parents who are dropping off children attending a party will not be logged in. It is suggested that the parent or guardian’s name and phone number be obtained and placed on the party’s sign in sheet before the parent leaves the club grounds for use in case of an emergency.  A guest fee will be paid by the hosting member for all non-member guests prior to the conclusion of the party per the Murrysville Swimming Club, Inc. Membership Rules.

Party must end at least one-half hour before pool closing time. Sponsoring members must clean up after the party and restore the grounds and club property used to the condition that it was in prior to the party. Host member will be billed for any damages or additional staff hours needed to clean or restore areas used.  Have fun! We want to make your party memorable and enjoyable for everyone!

Party hosts are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests must follow club rules and may be asked to leave, if their conduct warrants it.

NO, alcohol is NOT PERMITTED on the premises.

When you join MSC you purchase a bond and receive a certificate. The bond is purchased from someone who resigned. Unlike other pools, this is not an “initiation fee.” Your money is returned to you when another family purchases “your membership.” The key point is “when another family purchases it” which may not be at the exact time you resign.  MSC in a sense acts as a “broker” to find someone to buy your bond.  The amount of money return is prorated according to the number of years the bond was held.  According to MSC bylaws, all applications for membership and resignations must be approved by the Board of Directors.    It is the Board’s policy to accept resignations and return the bond money on a first resigned, first paid basis as new members’ applications are accepted. Improvements and operating expenses are covered by the yearly dues, guest fees…. Not the bond money. If you have more questions talk to the current Membership Board Member.  For contact information, see MSC BOARD Web Page.